Monday, September 29, 2014

Statement Coat

Sheinside Cardigan (c/o), CottonOn Tee and Shorts, Oriental Traffic Booties, Customized EssexLA Louie Clutch (c/o) 

A statement coat is the easiest way to dress up a basic look and I can't think of a more perfect print to invest in this season than plaid. I wore this plaid cardigan from Sheinside over a casual shorts and tee combo over the weekend. It had warmed up again in Boston and we took advantage of it by spending it at the Charles River with our dogs - so relaxing! How was everyone's weekend?

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Designer Dialogue: The Palatines Shoes

Ever since I started this blog I've been on the search to profile an amazing local footwear designer and two (plus a few months) years later, I finally found her. Meet Jessica, the gorgeous Angeleno behind The Palatines and the answer to my shoe prayers. Designed and manufactured in SoCal, The Palatines is the embodiment of everything I love about Los Angeles - stylish, unique and timeless. In addition to the story behind her brand, Jessica has generously put together an incredible list of her favorite spots in LA (places I have on MY list for my next trip back to the West Coast). Check it all out below and visit - she's also got a new men's line!

What's the story behind the Palatines shoes? 
 After working in NYC for brands that manufactured in Asia or Europe, it seemed crazy to me to design shoes at a desk here in the US, and have them made halfway around the world. I became really interested in how the industry could start manufacturing in the United States. Serendipitously, I moved to LA three years ago, and I was able to start developing relationships with some of the factories that still exist here in Southern California. The Palatines collection combines my own personal aesthetic with the expertise of the artisans that I’m lucky enough to work with. 

 Favorite item from the current collection? 
 It’s hard to pick favorites, but for fall, I am most excited about the new Paratus wedge. The fit is really good, and so they’re really comfortable. Just don’t ask me to pick a favorite color! 

Who is the Palatines girl? 
 Ah, well, the easiest answer is.... she’s me! I definitely don’t design any styles that I don’t want to wear myself. But beyond that, she’s definitely someone who cares a lot about style, but less about fashion. The styles are intentionally on the quiet side, and not particularly trendy, so that they can be worn in a lot of different ways, by a lot of different girls, for many seasons. It makes me really happy to see my shoes worn by girls whose style isn’t like mine, and who are really making them their own, and using the shoes to compliment their own look. Personal style means a lot to me, and if a pair of the Palatines shoes helps someone define their own style, that’s pretty much my idea of success. 

What celebrity/model/icon do you see wearing the Palatines? 
 I think the folks I love to see wearing the Palatines are those who are involved in art and design – musicians, designers, architects, etc. I’ve been really excited to see Langley Fox Hemingway wearing them in a couple of editorial pieces! I love to see how different girls, stylist and designers have interpreted the styles for photoshoots, and it’s been great to have the shoes used for lookbooks by designers as diverse as Erin Kleinberg, Bree Layne and Echo + Air. Oh, and one of my favorite LA celebrities, Ryan Heffington has been wearing one of the first pairs of mens shoes that I’m testing, which I take as a huge compliment, since he’s a dancer and choreographer, as well as costumer and designer. 

 Favorite spots in LA? 
 So many! For food: Bestia, Hama Sushi, Superba Snack Bar, Hinoki & the Bird, Jitlada, Maison Giraud, Night & Market Song, Spago & Lucques. I have been hearing rumors that both Craftsman & Wolves and Pok Pok will be opening locations here, which as soon as they do, will also go on this list! For exercise that’s also fun: The Sweat Spot, Griffith Park & Will Rogers Beach For shopping: Mohawk General Store, Poketo, Weltenbuerger, The Row (for atmosphere), Scout (for swooning), Crossroads Trading on Sunset & Hillhurst, Creatures of Comfort, Ten Over Six & Big Daddy’s For a weird inspiration outing: It’s kind of a hike, but I love to go to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It’s such a weird combination of American tourism, interesting history and truly excellent Art Deco design. As a bonus, there’s also a Soviet-era Russian submarine that you can visit at the same time, in case you get too overwhelmed with drama, romance & grandeur, and need a reminder of Cold War military technology!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fedoras and Furs

Heartloom Fur Jacket, CottonOn Tee, Rich and Skinny Jeans, Rag & Bone Fedora, Marais USA Boots

And then it was Fall. I think this is the season that the fashion world gets most excited about and I can tell you three reasons why: Fedoras, Furs and Boots (oh my!). After an entire summer of shorts, sandals and tank tops it's SO refreshing to welcome the brisk air and new staples. 

Fall's Best: