Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Juno graced us with her presence yesterday and we welcomed her in our big coats and fuzzy hats. My first snow day was definitely a memorable one, one of those "I remember my first blizzard in Boston..." kind of stories we will tell our future kids and grandkids. We spent most of it indoors but headed out to Boston Common when the snow finally began to let up and found ourselves in the most beautiful winter wonderland, up-to-your-knees snow kind of wonderland. Thankful for this angora hat sent to me by Dynamic Asia and this Zara coat with a fur collar that doubles as a scarf. One thing I do need is a good pair of snow boots. Does anyone have any recommendations?

"Coats with the Fur"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hat Trick

 Fevrie Dress (45% Off with code: loveandace), Restricted "George" boots (25% off sitewide with code: LOVEANDACE25), Flea Market Girl Across the Universe Necklace, BomBom Bijoux Bracelets (here and here) Reformation Fuzzy Clutch (old), Duplex Fedora

It's no big secret that I'm a big fan of hats - fedoras, beanies and even cowboy hats, I don't discriminate. Adding a hat is the easiest way to jazz up a casual look and in my case, it also keeps me warm during the Boston Winter. Speaking of which, there's a huge blizzard in the forecast (the news is predicting 30+ inches of snow) and I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally giddy with excitement. This is my first snowstorm and I'm sure it will get old after my second (ha), but right now, I have big plans to play board games, watch a LOT of Netflix and cuddle up with my hubby and dogs on our couch. Hope everyone on the East Coast is staying warm!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Designer Dialogue: Sacred Jewels

I am bursting with hometown pride as I introduce today's designer, Keri of Sacred Jewels! Not only is Keri one of the coolest and most creative people I've had the chance to interview, but this talented babe is based in the most wonderful place in the world, Santa Monica. But biases aside, one glance at her shop, and you'll immediately feel the love, passion and energy Keri puts into each handmade piece. So without further adieu, meet Keri below and visit her shop over here.

What's the story behind Sacred Jewels? 
Since I was a little kid, I have been beading together all kinds of jewels and odd creations. I love pieces that can adorn us, that celebrate and ritualize living in the service of beauty. After a career as a journalist in Paris and London covering fashion and the arts - I could no longer stay out of the fray - I launched Sacred Jewels in 2010. Designing was in my blood after all. My Maternal Grandfather was a well-know jeweler in Brazil in the 40s. Designing jewelry for Sacred Jewels has been a blessing in more ways than I can count. 

Favorite item from the current collection? 
I am completely obsessed with our new Zebra Jasper Revolution Bangle. It is such an odd and beautiful stone. I have never seen it used before and I am loving it.  

Who is the Sacred Jewels girl? 
She is your sister and your best friend (no matter what age she is). She loves beauty and art and wears her jewelry in the same way she hangs art in her house. It is there ONLY because it has a deep and connected meaning for her. 

You are based in Santa Monica (the best place to grow up and live!). What are some of your favorite local spots? 
 Hahaha! I agree - Santa Monica is the best place to live. My favorite places to eat (apart from my house in the canyon) is Pono Burger on Broadway, Musha on 4th and Wilshire, Cafe Gratitude (oops that in Venice - but still). West Channel Beach, just a 2 blocks walk from my house (totally private as there is no parking) and the secret stairways dotted all over Santa Monica Canyon.