Friday, January 30, 2015

Designer Dialogue: Georgraphy 541

A little warning before you scroll down: these photos from Geography 541's Spring collection may hit you with serious wanderlust. That's because the beauty and brains behind the line, Madeline, was inspired by her travels to Bali when designing this collection. In fact, all of Madeline's jewelry have been inspired by her travels, from Big Sur to the Fjords of Norway, the Philly based designer/globetrotter is taking work and play to a whole new level. Meet Madeline below and hop over to her shop to check out her newest Bali inspired pieces.

What's the story behind Geography 541?
Geography 541 is a jewelry line that's all about places and stories. I started my line to try and combine my favorite things, travel and Jewelry. I've always loved varied textures in jewelry, and I realized that no one was really doing anything with textiles that spoke to me, so I wanted to try it out. I use these mixed media and techniques to try and capture the essence of a place, of an adventure, that can be worn day in and day out to remind you of the amazing possibilities in this world. 

Favorite item from The Lusa Collection?
The Utara Armand. It's so bold, but so effortless. I always forget I'm wearing it until someone compliments me on it. 

Who is the Geography 541 girl?
The Geography 541 girl is a free spirit, but she's smart. She's more concerned with what she's reading, where she's going, how she's spending her time than with fashion. She certainly doesn't care about labels. She's the girl with the wild hair, in vintage jeans and a t-shirt and a great piece of jewelry, that always looks so put together, but so herself. She's absolutely effortless. Oh, and she lives a totally rad life. She has stories for days, that people always want to hear. 

You're based in Philly! What are some of your go to spots in the city?
Philly's my adopted home town, and I absolutely love it. I spend a lot of time on my bicycle just getting around the city. Some of my favorite spots : Elixr in Rittenhouse for coffee, Vagabond in Old City for shopping, The Pope in South Philly for neighborhood drinks, Also in South Philly, Pho Ta for Pho, and Cantina for tacos. When the weather's nice I really like spending time along the Schuykill waterfront or the piers along the Delaware.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Juno graced us with her presence yesterday and we welcomed her in our big coats and fuzzy hats. My first snow day was definitely a memorable one, one of those "I remember my first blizzard in Boston..." kind of stories we will tell our future kids and grandkids. We spent most of it indoors but headed out to Boston Common when the snow finally began to let up and found ourselves in the most beautiful winter wonderland, up-to-your-knees snow kind of wonderland. Thankful for this angora hat sent to me by Dynamic Asia and this Zara coat with a fur collar that doubles as a scarf. One thing I do need is a good pair of snow boots. Does anyone have any recommendations?

"Coats with the Fur"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hat Trick

 Fevrie Dress (45% Off with code: loveandace), Restricted "George" boots (25% off sitewide with code: LOVEANDACE25), Flea Market Girl Across the Universe Necklace, BomBom Bijoux Bracelets (here and here) Reformation Fuzzy Clutch (old), Duplex Fedora

It's no big secret that I'm a big fan of hats - fedoras, beanies and even cowboy hats, I don't discriminate. Adding a hat is the easiest way to jazz up a casual look and in my case, it also keeps me warm during the Boston Winter. Speaking of which, there's a huge blizzard in the forecast (the news is predicting 30+ inches of snow) and I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally giddy with excitement. This is my first snowstorm and I'm sure it will get old after my second (ha), but right now, I have big plans to play board games, watch a LOT of Netflix and cuddle up with my hubby and dogs on our couch. Hope everyone on the East Coast is staying warm!